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East System Interchange - Rendering

Project Updates

Grand Opening of the new westbound I-80/southbound I-29 interchange occurred on Friday, October 20, 2017.


 Phase IIa construction began in late 2015 and will be constructed over the next two years with an anticipated completion in late 2017 or early 2018. This project has many complexities and requires coordinating with various railroads and other stakeholders. The project includes three large bridges totaling over 8,200 feet in length. Phase IIb began in June 2016 and includes the I-80 WB/I-29 NB lanes and bridges over South Expressway.

Phase I construction was completed in late 2015, which included extending 23rd Avenue and reconstruction of 29th Avenue, removing rubble and other materials from the former large industrial park, and placing the base ground work for the future lane construction.

Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

The East System Interchange project will address capacity needs, improve safety, and correct functional design issues associated with this interchange and the South Expressway/IA 192 interchange.

The East System Interchange includes the area of I-80 immediately east of Indian Creek (including the South Expressway/IA 192 interchange) and continues to a point southwest of the Madison Avenue and I-80 interchange. The area also includes I-29 from north of the U.S. 275/IA 92 interchange to Indian Creek.

Reconstruction of the East System Interchange will include straightening I-80 through the interchange. The new interchange will improve efficiency by eliminating left entrances and exits and allowing highway users to move through the area with fewer lane changes. The South Expressway/IA 192 interchange will be constructed with the East System Interchange reconstruction. The folded diamond interchange will be rebuilt to meet current design standards and capacity needs. The reconstructed interchange will be similar to the existing interchange configuration with two loop ramps and two diagonal ramps west of South Expressway/IA 192. The rail line east of South Expressway/IA 192 will be decommissioned with the railroad relocation and consolidation efforts, further improving traffic operations and safety at the interchange.

Interim capacity improvements were completed along South Expressway/IA 192 in 2011. Improvements included lengthening and adding turn lanes, upgrading the I-29 southbound ramp terminal intersection to accommodate larger trucks and upgraded traffic signal communication and equipment.


Phase I Construction: 07/2014 — 12/2015
Phase IIa Construction: 11/2015 — 12/2017
Phase IIb Construction: 06/2016 — 06/2018
Phase III Construction: 11/2017 — 09/2019

Project references

Project Name: East System Interchange
Project Numbers: Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(407)3--03-78;  Grading IMN-80-1(366)4--0E-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-80-1(374)4--03-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-80-1(381)4--03-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-29-3(115)48--03-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-80-1(370)4--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(373)4--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(372)4--03-78; Grade IMN-29-3(125)48--0E-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(377)4--03-78; Bridge IM-NHSX-080-1(416)3--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(408)4--03-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-80-1(389)2--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(371)3--03-78; Grade & Pave IM-80-1(363)3--13-78; Bridge IM-NHS-80-1(400)3--03-78; South Expressway/Madison Avenue Interchange Project

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Project Map
Project Map
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)

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