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Nebraska Avenue Interchange

Nebraska Avenue

Project location

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Project Description

The Nebraska Avenue Interchange reconstruction involves rebuilding the folded diamond interchange in order to meet current design standards and capacity needs. The reconstructed interchange will be similar to the existing interchange configuration with two loop ramps and two diagonal ramps north of Nebraska Avenue.

The Nebraska Avenue Interchange on I-29 is located on I-29 approximately one-half mile north of the I-80/I-29 interchange.

Project benefits:

  • Improved sight distances at the Nebraska Avenue intersection
  • Additional through lanes on I-29

Project Schedule

Anticipated Construction: 10/2020 — 09/2022

Project Gallery

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Project references

Project Name: Nebraska Avenue Interchange
Project Number(s): IM-NHS-029-3(141)53—03-78, IM-029-3(142)53—13-78, IM-029-3(68)53—13-78

Project Map
Project Map
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)