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U.S. 275/Iowa 92 Interchange

U.S. 275/Iowa 92 Interchange

Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

The I-29/U.S. 275/IA 92 (I-29/U.S. 275) Interchange reconstruction is scheduled to occur between 2014 and 2016. The project includes reconstruction of I-29, from 1.3 miles south of U.S. 275 to just north of the U.S. 275 ramps, and U.S. 275 from Metro Mall Drive east to Harry Langdon Boulevard including the I-29/U.S. 275 interchange in Council Bluffs. The project will also include the consolidation of CBEC and BNSF railroad operations into a new common corridor west of Mosquito Creek under I-29 and IA 92.

The proposed construction will consist of removal of the existing bridges and portions of the existing roadway embankments and the construction of new roadway embankments, walking trail, bridge structures and other features. Six bridges will be reconstructed including I-29 northbound and southbound over Mosquito Creek, U.S. 275 eastbound and westbound over Mosquito Creek, and U.S. 275 eastbound and westbound over I-29. The reconstruction involves raising the interstate and U.S. 275 to accommodate the new railroad corridor for the railroad relocation project, which will require ramp closures and two-way, two-lane traffic on U.S. 275 during construction.

Project update

In fall 2016, the new I-29 southbound off-ramp was built and traffic on U.S. 275/Iowa 92 was reopened to 4 lanes.

In late spring 2016, the I-29 southbound on-ramp was closed and access from I-80 westbound to exit at I-29 and U.S. 275/Iowa 92 started a new detour.

In fall 2015, the program reached an important milestone in opening the new I-29 northbound lanes four months ahead of schedule.

In September 2015, the newly rebuilt westbound bridges and pavement were completed. A traffic shift occurred and Denmark Drive into Metro Crossing was also re-opened. Construction crews are now working on rebuilding the eastbound bridges and adjoining pavement.

In April 2015, the I-29 northbound on and off ramps for the U.S. 275/Iowa 92 Interchange were closed to allow for reconstruction.

Construction began in June 2014 and is expected to be substantially complete by spring 2017.

Project Schedule

Phase I Construction: 06/2014 — 06/2016
Phase II Construction: 04/2015 — 05/2017

Project Map
Project Map
Current Conditions (Dec 2016)
Current Conditions (Dec 2016)


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Project references

Project Name:  WB U.S. 275 Over I-29; WB U.S. 275 Over Mosquito Creek; I-29/U.S. 275 Interchange (stage 1 - grade) - tied 1; I-29/U.S. 275 Interchange (stage 1) - tied 1; NB I-29 Over Mosquito Creek - tied 3; SB I-29 Over Mosquito Creek - tied 3; I-29/US 275 Interchange (stage 2 thru 5) - tied 1; I-29/US 275 Interchange - tied 1; Signals I-29/US 275 Interchange - tied 1; EB US 275 Over I-29; EB US 275 Over Mosquito Creek; Lighting I-29/US 275 Interchange - tied 1; RCB extension Des #1112 (RCB at Lateral 5 under existing I-29 SB); I-29 NB Over Existing I-80 EB (Temporary Bridge Widening); US 275 Interchange Ramp D (Design 414)
Project Numbers: Bridge IM-29-3(99)48--13-78; Bridge NHS-29-3(100)48--11-78; Bridge IM-NHS-29-3(98)48--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-29-3(111)48--03-78; Bridge IM-29-3(105)48--13-78; Bridge NHS-29-3(106)48--11-78; Bridge IM-NHSX-080-1(416)3--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(146)48--03-78; Grade IM-NHS-29-3(97)48--03-78; Grade and Pave IM-NHS-29-3(102)48--03-78; Grade and Pave IM-NHS-29-3(103)48--03-78; Culvert Extension IM-NHS-029-3(122)48--03-78; Signing IM-NHS-29-3(128)48--03-78; Signals IM-NHS-29-3(104)48--03-78; Lighting IM-NHS-29-3(110)48--03-78

Additional Resources

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