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Madison Avenue Interchange

Railroad Relocation

Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

The Madison Avenue Interchange reconstruction involves rebuilding the interchange and bridges over Mosquito Creek in order to meet current design standards and capacity needs. The reconstructed interchange will be a tight urban diamond with a similar configuration to the existing interchange. This project will also include construction of longer acceleration lanes when merging onto I-80, and allow drivers to turn right from Madison Ave onto the I-80 westbound ramp without stopping. . The Madison Avenue Interchange on I-80 is located about a mile northeast of the I-80/I-29 East System Interchange.

Construction on this interchange began in September 2022 with the eastbound lanes and bridges. Westbound construction is expected to begin in early 2024. During construction, I-80, Madison Avenue, Valley View Drive, and the trail will remain open during the day. However at night, drivers and trail users could encounter closures for overnight construction. Drivers will be impacted by temporary interstate ramp closures.

Project benefits include:

  • Four through lanes for through traffic provided on Madison Avenue through the interchange

  •  Additional turn lanes on Madison Avenue will improve capacity and safety

  • New bike/pedestrian path along Madison Avenue

Project Schedule

Anticipated Construction: 09/2022 — 06/2026

Project Gallery

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Project Map
Project Map

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