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I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange

West Broadway Interchange
Learn more: I-29/I-480/West Broadway Interchange construction begins soon!


Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA


The I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange project will address capacity needs, improve safety, and correct functional design issues at this location and at adjacent interchanges 41st Street, North 35th Street, Avenue G and 9th Avenue. Project benefits:

  • Provides direct access to West Broadway from I-29 via one-way frontage roads
  • Efficient and safe vehicle movement on I-480 and I-29
  • Reduced motorist lane changes

The I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange project includes the area of I-29 north of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge to a point just west of North 25th Street along with the I-480 corridor to the Iowa side of the Missouri River crossing. A final preferred alternative was selected in July 2017 (See Final EA, July 2017), which provides direct access to West Broadway from I-29 via one-way frontage roads. Iowa DOT is in the process of obtaining right of way for the construction project and drafting final design of this interchange. Construction began in spring 2021. In November 2021, I-29 northbound was closed between 9th Avenue and Avenue G and traffic is diverted to the Northbound Frontage Road (see video below). In November 2022, I-29 southbound was also closed and diverted to the Southbound Frontage Road. The interstate was reopened in August 2023 and the final interchange ramp was opened fall 2023. Construction crews are completing final finish items and construction should be completed about 6 months earlier than scheduled.

An interim project was completed in 2016/2017 to improve access to Playland Park and River’s Edge development area north of the I-480 interchange. This project extended Benson Street from Avenue D to Avenue B along with pavement marking channelization at the existing 40th Street interchange with I-480. The project provides localized operational improvements and alternate accessibility during future construction.


Environmental Study (includes Environmental Surveys): 06/2015 – 11/2017
Interim Project: 2016/2017
Preliminary Design: 01/2017 – 12/2017
Right of Way Acquisition: 2018 – 2020
Final Design: 01/2018 – 06/2020
Anticipated Construction: 04/2021 – 06/2024


  • In fall 2023, several ramps opened in the I-29/I-480/West Broadway interchange. This video explains how to use the new ramps.
  • Construction Nearly Complete: Thank you for your patience (Video)
  • In fall 2022, new ramps opened in the I-29/I-480/West Broadway interchange. This video explains how to use the new ramps.
  • In fall 2021, a new frontage road was opened along northbound I-29. This video explains the new frontage road system.

New I-29/I-480/West Broadway interchange Ramps

Thank you

Project Map
Project Map


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Project Name: I-29/I-480/West Broadway System Interchange
Project Number(s):Grade & Pave IMN-029-3(169)54--0E-78; Traffic Signs IM-029-3(218)53--13-78; Traffic Signals IM-029-3(219)53--13-78; Lighting IM-029-3(220)53--13-78; Bridge IM-029-3(70)53--13-78; Bridge IM-029-3(71)53--13-78; Bridge IM-029-3(73)53--13-78; Bridge IM-029-3(74)53--13-78; Grade & Pave IM-NHS-029-3(190)53--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(192)54--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(193)54--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(221)54--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(222)54--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-480-1(166)0--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS-480-1(167)0--03-78


New Ramps Open – Fall 2023
New Ramps Open – Fall 2022
Alternate I-29 Frontage Road System – Fall 2021
Public Hearing for the Segment 4 Tier II Environmental Analysis – August 15, 2017
Public Hearing Segment 4-Preferred Concept I-29/I-480 Interchange – August 15, 2017
Final EA, Published July 2017
Preliminary Concept 1
Preliminary Concept 2
Interim Project
Environmental Studies
Design Overview
2016 Pre-Construction Season Public Meeting – March 24, 2016

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