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I-80 Missouri River Bridge

I-80 Bridge over Missouri River

Project Location

Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

The I-80 Missouri River Bridge project construction began in January 2008 and was completed in 2012. The project began on I-80 in Nebraska starting near 24th Street and continued east to include the Missouri River Bridge. Some additional work by Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) is currently under construction on I-80 between 24th Street and 13th Street. Iowa DOT was the lead for the Missouri River Bridge and construction in Iowa, and NDOT is the lead for all construction work on the Nebraska side from just west of 24th Street to the west end of the Missouri River Bridge approach.

The National Environmental Policy Act environmental assessment was completed for this project in October 2006.

PROJECT Schedule

Iowa DOT-led construction completed in 2012.
Nebraska DOT-led construction expected to be complete spring 2019.

Recognition & Awards


  • Associated General Contractors of Iowa, Iowa Quality Initiative Structure

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project references

Project Name: I-80 Fr. E. end of Missouri R. Bridge to Just W. of the I-29/80 Interchange
Project Numbers: Clear and Grub IMN-080-1(344)0-0E-78; Bridge NHS-080-1(318)0-11-78; Grading NHS-080-1(335)0-11-78

Additional resources

Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement
Tier 2, Segment 1 Environmental Assessment

For Nebraska-related issues regarding this program, please contact:
Terry Gibson
Nebraska Department of Transportation
1500 Highway 2
Lincoln, NE 68509

Project Map
Project Map

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