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The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program is a comprehensive interstate redesign that will modernize the highway system and improve mobility and safety of approximately 18 miles of interstate. It is one of the state's largest projects currently in the Iowa DOT's five-year Transportation Improvement Program. The program will be implemented in smaller, manageable projects over time. These projects are prioritized by available funding and most significant impacts to traffic management, safety, and vehicle capacity.

The map and video below give an overview of the program's proposed design. It highlights improvements to pavement and bridges and also shows areas where the railroad was removed and relocated. Descriptions of these projects can be found in the Projects section.

To view information on the map, click on the colored areas or nodes, or zoom-in to view the interstate design. You can also toggle various data layers and the legend by using the tools at the top of the map.

Council Bluffs area map


The Iowa DOT understands the Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program will change the look of the interstate system and the Council Bluffs entrance into Iowa. As such, the DOT plans to address aesthetics throughout the project. An Aesthetics Subcommittee, composed of community members, Iowa DOT, and consultants, was created to help develop a vision for the aesthetic treatments and enhancements. An Aesthetics Master Plan was developed for the interstate corridor that incorporates local culture, landscape, and other planning initiatives to help ensure a cohesive interstate corridor that is attractive and easy to navigate for the traveling public.

Because of the many transportation needs across the state and limited funding, the level of enhancements for the Council Bluffs corridor will depend on state and local partnerships to provide additional funding contributions for the enhancements.

Click on the icons in the map below to see examples of aesthetic enhancement opportunities.


View examples below of standard features that could be enhanced as well as aesthetic improvements that could be applied to various locations of the interstate project. Possible aesthetic improvements and opportunities include bridges, landscaping, community gateways, lighting, retaining walls, public art, vehicle barriers and fencing.