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West system Interchange

West System Interchange

Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

Reconstruction of the West System Interchange will provide for efficient and safe vehicle movement on both I-29 and I-80 systems. The left-hand entrance and exit from I-29 to I-80 will be eliminated as part of the reconstruction. An increase in the number of travel lanes for both I-80 and I-29 will allow motorists to reduce the number of lane changes needed between I-80 and I-29.

The project includes full reconstruction of this system to system interchange, providing full access from I-80 and I-29 to the I-80 express lanes and the I-29/I-80 local lanes in the dual, divided freeway.

The West System Interchange reconstruction projects are located approximately one-half mile east of the Missouri River where I-80 intersects I-29 near the Western Historic Trails Center in Council Bluffs.


Project Schedule

Phase Ia Construction: 07/2009 — 11/2014
Phase Ib Construction: 06/2012 — 11/2014
Phase II Construction: 06/2015 — 07/2017

Project Map
Project Map
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)

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Project references

Project Name: West System Interchange
Project Number(s): Bridge IM-NHS-029-3(80)52--03-78; Bridge IM-NHS 029-3(81)52--03-78; Grade IM-NHS-029-3(86)52--03-78; Grade IM-NHS-029-3(87)52--03-78; Grade IM-NHS-80-1(392)0--03-78

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