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Traveler Info

Current Detours & Traffic Impacts

To learn about real-time traffic conditions and issues that may affect your travel, move the map to reflect your travel area.

Receive Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Sign up to receive traffic alerts for the interstate routes that you use. Iowa DOT’s 511 Traveler Information allows you to create custom routes, specifying the sections of the highway system in Council Bluffs that you use. Then receive alerts by text and/or email when a lane or highway closure affects your route.


Get driving directions, a live traffic map & road alerts. Waze contains both Iowa and Nebraska 511 data, which makes it easier for drivers that travel in both states to get seamless information.

Construction & Project Updates

You can also sign up to have Program alerts sent to you.

Traffic Sensor Data

Iowa DOT uses sensors that collect traffic information including speed and number of vehicles. Iowa DOT uses this information to provide contractors with days and times it is appropriate to close traffic lanes to complete construction activities.

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Follow the progress of projects in the area.

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